Lavergne's Cajun Kitchen

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"We wouldn't sell it, if we didn't eat it ourselves!" 

                             Bonjour! (Hello!)

We here at Lavergne's Cajun Kitchen appreciate you stopping by and visiting our website.  We can assure you that you will enjoy your visit with us.  Lavergne's Cajun Kitchen will teach you how to be a master of cajun food! We ensure that you will enjoy the meals you create using our products.  We were born and raised in the heart of Louisiana, in a place called "Cajun Country." 

                                      Mission Statement

Lavergne's Cajun Kitchen is dedicated to offering our original cajun seasoning.  It is designed for people who love to cook and enjoy authentic cajun food.  Our products are crafted from the highest quality products to ensure the utmost taste possible.  Because we eat the products we sell, we guarantee satisfaction!