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Quotes So far I have bought two plate lunches and they were both incredibly good-you can't go to a sit down restaurant for this price-so reasonable and you get a very generous portion. I am anxious to try the other products. I bought a gift basket for a friend for Christmas and she loves the products that were in it. Quotes
Michelle Witkowski
Local Satisfied Customer

Quotes EVERYTHING IS SOOOO GOOD and very easy to cook!! Quotes
Ashley Follis
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Quotes I tried several items, but my favorite is the Paw's Season Everytang, I use it on everything I cook. It is the best! Quotes
Glenda Shelton
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Quotes I have tried the red beans, dirty rice, peach cobbler and the gumbo; it was all great. Seasoned to perfection all around great cajun food. VERY VERY SATISFIED! Quotes
Karen Murphy
Satisfied CAJUN

Quotes We have tried a lot of the products, but have to say that the dirty rice is our absolute favorite. It is PERFECT and soooo easy!! At a recent family dinner, EVERYONE, even the grandchildren said it was so good. (Don't remember a time that everyone in the family agreed on something!) We also love "da mugs", and they really do keep cold longer!! Quotes
Charlotte and Clyde Foshee
Satisfied Customers

Quotes I have tried alot of the items on the site and they are real good, but truely favorite to use is the shrimp and fish fry, it gives the food that extra zing that i love...thanks Lavergne's Cajun Kitchen for making us working single mothers lives much easier in the kitchen. Quotes
pamela mcknight
property manager

Quotes I currently live 3 hours away from my home town down south and it's really hard to find products that have that true Cajun taste. Lavergne's gives me the feel of being home when I cook. Tried several products, enjoyed them all! Single mom of 3 and anything that makes cooking easier and still taste great is a major plus. I use to cook with a certain popular seasonings for years and years, but now I use Lavergnes seasonings with everything and It dont have that SALTY taste. Will continue to use these products. Simple to cook, and Taste great. Thank you, Lavergne's! Quotes
Courtney Anderson
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Quotes Everything is sooo good! Quotes

Quotes I tried all of your products and I am proud to say it is nice to have products at a reasonable price that uses real ingredients for flavor and not just a lot of salt like most products on the market today. Great products. Thank you. Quotes
The Shrimp Guy

Quotes I tried the dirty rice and the red beans and rice..Tasted great and so easy to make. Look forward to trying their other products. Quotes
Fern Johnson
Property Manager